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Founded in Hong Kong in 1972, we have been assisting clients from around the globe to enter the Chinese market. With an intimate understanding of the Chinese business environment and legal procedures relevant to business expansion, our aim is to provide clients with peace of mind solutions for successful expansion into the Chinese business markets.


Why choose us?


At Harris, it’s all about the quality of services:


  • We respond – all clients’ enquiries (email and telephone) will be responded to within 48 hours, since we know clients only work with professionals whom they can reach and talk to at any time.
  • We try our best to make boring and tedious professional work simple and straightforward. We are here to make things clear and understandable, not to confuse you.
  • We never try to reinvent the wheel. We work with proven standards to do sensible things for our clients. We do it just right, not overly-aggressive or overly conservative.


We strive to do our very best to make things better, and in turn, how what we do can better benefit our clients. Drawing together our expertise and experiences, we aim to help your company grow and excel.


Our Customers


Harris Corporate Solutions Limited is a company trusted by thousands worldwide. Our clientele includes medium and large-sized businesses, both private and listed, from Hong Kong, Mainland China, France, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil and many more. We serve companies from a wide range of fields, from natural resources and finance to media, logistics and beyond.

Philip Yu

Sammy Lau

Mandy Wong

Johnny Chen

Jimmy He

Bruno Marengo

Philip Yu

Managing Partner
Phone (+852) 2541 6632

Mr. Philip Yu, Managing Partner. Mr. Yu began his practice in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and joined our firm in 2001. He undertakes additional posts as Company Secretary for several listed companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hon.) from the University of Toronto, Canada and L.L.B. (Hon.) from the University of London, UK. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants of Australia and the Hong Kong Society of Certified Public Accountants. He is experienced in handling cross-border taxation issues, corporate restructuring and other cross-border business solutions.

Sammy Lau

Partner, Hong Kong
Phone: (+852) 2541 6632

Ms. Sammy Lau, Partner. Sammy is a graduate of the University of South Australia and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CPA Australia. She is experienced in handling audit and accounting engagements for small and medium-sized enterprises to listed companies over a wide variety of industries as well as charitable and non-profit organizations. She has also been involved in various special assignments such as internal control reviews and due diligence regarding mergers and acquisitions. Sammy gained experience in various international accounting firms before she joined our firm.

Mandy Wong

Director – Human Resources, Admin and Finance Department, Hong Kong
Phone: (+852) 2541 6632

Ms. Mandy Wong, Director of our Human Resources, Administration and Finance Department. Mandy holds a Bachelor of Accounting (Hon.) from the University of Bolton, UK and has gained experience in the field of Finance and Human Resources since 2004. Prior to joining our team, she had worked in multinational companies managing their human resources and financial departments, with an especially strong background in handling visa applications and taxation for foreign staff and employee taxation issues.

Johnny Chen

Manager - Guangzhou Office
Phone: (+86 20) 8762 0508

Mr. Johnny Chen, Manager of our Guangzhou office, has dedicated his services to our firm since 2007. Mr. Chen is familiar with local corporate administration and human resource arrangements, and is committed to providing a series of Hong Kong and overseas corporate solutions, and PRC corporate services for investors into Mainland China and especially the Guangzhou and Shenzhen area, providing assistance for clients to develop their business. He is experienced in serving customers in different industries including wholesale and distribution, retail, F&B, logistics, manufacturing and sourcing.

Jimmy He

Senior Manager - Shanghai and Beijing Offices
Phone: (+86 21) 6289 8813

Mr. Jimmy He, Senior Manager of the Shanghai and Beijing Branch Offices. Jimmy is a graduate of UNITEC New Zealand. Mr. He has over 10 years of experience in various international accounting firms and international companies. He is experienced in handling accounting and Chinese tax engagements for a wide variety of companies in China, and providing sound and practical advice for the growth and development of various multinational companies in China.

Bruno Marengo

Manager - Paris Office
Phone: (+33) 1 44 50 40 55

Mr. Bruno Marengo manages our Paris Office. Bruno holds a master in corporate finance from Audencia Business School, France and a master in Economics from the University of Hong Kong. After various experiences in banking and private equity, Bruno spent three years in our Hong Kong office before moving to Paris to expand our European operations. He is experienced in handling cross border operations between Europe and Asia and in structuring our Asian and European clients’ international expansion. He also focuses on advising European companies on their first move to Asia.


Hong Kong Accounting Services


We know that having accurate and up-to-date financial data is a long term commitment for management. We provide companies with comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting services, so your company can have accurate and up-to-date financial data, removing unnecessary risks and costly investments.


What We Can Do:


  • Prepare financial statements based on Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standard (HKFRS) or International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS);
  • Prepare individual accounts for branches and subsidiaries and report directly to overseas holding companies;
  • Account preparation and assistance for auditing purposes;
  • Advise for the improvement of client’s accounting and internal control systems;
  • Provide cost analysis and budgeting to help formulate management regulations so as to save costs; and
  • Provide training for client’s staff.


In terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, we are the top choice for many local branches of multinational companies and entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong Corporate Services


Conducting cross-border business between Hong Kong and overseas requires versatile operating procedures. Due to differences in policies and regulations in different regions, it is essential that prudence and professionalism be the guiding principles when conducting business. Operating a business without proper awareness of local regulations not only wastes time and effort, but may also unwittingly violate the law. We have ample professional experience in assisting various overseas and mainland clients in setting up and expanding their business in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong and Overseas Company Registration Services


As a professional provider of secretarial services with years of practical experience and a high quality of service, we are confident that we can assist you in registering and developing your company by advising the best structure based on our experience.


What We Can Do:


  • Provide company set-up consultation services;
  • Provide company registration services in Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Samoa, Seychelles and various other offshore jurisdictions;
  • Assist in establishing non-profit and charitable organizations or trusts;
  • Provide company law, tax and financial consulting services; and
  • Provide post-registration services and legal compliance consultation.


Corporate Secretarial Services (Private Companies)


In accordance with the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, all limited companies registered in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to handle the statutory compliance obligation and maintain company books and records. This Company Secretary should be an individual that normally resides in Hong Kong or an entity registered in Hong Kong. He or she should possess the relevant knowledge and exercise a reasonable duty of care to ensure the company complies with all relevant rules and regulations.


We provide corporate secretarial services to both private and listed companies.


What we can do for private companies:


  • Prepare and submit all statutory compliance documentation including the Annual Return and minutes for the Annual General Meeting;
  • Provide services for statutory changes, including directors and shareholders, shareholding structure, company names, company addresses and other amendments to the Articles of Association;
  • Provide company deregistration and winding-up services;
  • Advise on changes in the share capital structure of the company, including share allotment, changes and creation in the class of shares and their rights, and the issuance of options and warrants;
  • Arrange company meetings, such as ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings and the board of directors’ meeting, including making all arrangements and preparations, assisting in all legal compliance and preparing minutes of the same; and
  • Draft, revise and amend the Articles of Association.


Registered Address Services


In accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong registered companies are required to have a local registered address for receiving government documentation. We can provide you with a virtual registered address in Hong Kong. Not only useful for Hong Kong companies, overseas companies can also choose to utilize our registration address services as the correspondence address in Hong Kong and to receive local and overseas mail and couriers.


Bank Account Opening Services


Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading financial centers. In general, any person or company, regardless of nationality, can open a bank account in Hong Kong. Each bank has its distinctive features, having different requirements regarding documentation and deposits in opening an account. Our experienced personnel can help clients select the right bank, prepare relevant documents to open a bank account and facilitate the whole procedures to make it a hassle free experience.


What We Can Do:


  • Advise on bank selection and opening of accounts;
  • Assist in preparing documentation required for account opening;
  • Assist in having necessary documents translated, certified or notarized;
  • Provide signature verification and document certifying service;
  • Set up account opening appointments;
  • Attend meetings with bankers and subsequent follow-up to ensure a smooth opening;
  • Assist in bank line and credit facility applications including advice, selection and preparation of necessary documents.

Human Resource Outsourcing Services


Statutory compliance issues associated with recruiting, hiring employees and terminating employments in Hong Kong can be complicated and may backfire, causing companies more harm than good. At Harris Corporate Solutions Limited, our Human Resource Outsourcing Services provide reliable services at a reasonable price for your human resource needs.


We cater to each and every customer’s specific needs and seek to provide tailor-made solutions for them.


What We Can Do  :


  • Visa advisory and application services (including professional work visa applications and business investment visas)
  • Talent recruitment;
  • Compliance and liability management, including drafting employment contracts and staff handbooks;
  • Payroll and pension (MPF and ORSO) management;
  • Benefits and compensation scheme establishment and advice;
  • Auditing of the client company’s human resource procedures and documents to ensure proper legal compliance; and
  • Employers’ tax return filing and other personal tax planning and advisory services.

Corporate Services for Listed Company


Our experienced team of chartered secretaries and professional accountants provides comprehensive compliance services for Hong Kong listed companies. We provide pre-listing consultation and planning, as well as post-listing maintenance and statutory compliance for companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Main Board or GEM).


We are dedicated to assisting corporations from Mainland China, overseas and Hong Kong who are already listed or planning to be listed in Hong Kong. Our team of experienced professionals is here to provide 24-hour premium services at very competitive prices.


Pre IPO Preparations


Listing a company is probably one of the most important milestones in a corporation’s development. We are one of the few corporate service firms in Hong Kong truly experienced in handling company secretarial work for the capital market. We can assist companies that wish to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the following areas:


  • Company structure reorganization
  • Listing rules compliance training for directors and executives
  • Guidance for corporate governance based on listing rules and regulations


Company Secretarial and Authorized Representative Services


We provide company secretarial and authorized representative services for listed companies. These minimize the risks of confusion and violation of the listing rules and other applicable regulations, and minimize the usual cost related in maintaining expensive qualified staff to handle similar work.


What We Can Do:


  • Ensure that company information is disclosed in a timely, accurate, legitimate and truthful manner;
  • Prepare meetings for the board of directors and shareholders, as well as processing and keeping custody of the company’s documents and minutes;
  • Advise on corporate governance and listing rules abidance;
  • Draft and issue announcements according to the rules and regulations for listed companies; and
  • Communicate with the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, the Securities and Futures Commission, Companies Registry and other relevant parties.


Provision of Correspondence Address


To save the unnecessary cost of renting an office in Hong Kong, clients can elect to use our office address as their principal place of business in Hong Kong. This is especially suitable for companies that have no physical operations in Hong Kong.

Chinese Accounting, Tax and Advisory services


We have specially dedicated teams in our Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing offices ready to provide corporate, accounting, tax compliance and HR services in order to assist international investors seeking to conduct business in Mainland China. Our comprehensive Chinese services facilitate overseas companies in setting up business in Mainland China and providing important business links necessary for operations in the Mainland. Our Chinese team provide fluent English services and all correspondences and reporting shall be bilingual for a peace of mind for overseas investors.


Our aim is simple: to provide localized compliance services to overseas companies in an international manner of service.


Accounting and Local Tax Compliance Services


Companies conducting business in Mainland China must abide by the accounting standards, tax laws and other relevant accounting and tax regulations of the People’s Republic of China. These accounting and tax regulations can be complex and may require experienced professional assistance for proper interpretation and daily implementation.


Our professional team consists of accountants with experience in a range of industries, providing bilingual daily accounting and tax reporting services for companies in China, including Foreign Representative Offices, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises and Sino-foreign Joint Ventures. In addition, our client service manager in charge will be able to provide explanation and follow-up to ensure any questions from clients are satisfactorily resolved. All our correspondences and financial reports are bilingual, ensuring that foreign entrepreneurial investor or overseas holding company can easily understand the details of the content. We are sensitive to our clients’ needs, and will ensure that all correspondences are taken care of within 48 hours.


What We Can Do:


  • Establish an accounting system according to rules and regulations in PRC;
  • Collect and verify financial data;
  • Prepare balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and other types of financial reports;
  • Process and issue official anti-countrified receipts (“fa piao”);
  • Process monthly tax reporting packages, including Business Tax (BT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Enterprise Income Tax (EIT);
  • Process monthly employees’ Individual Income Tax (IIT) reports;
  • Assist in annual tax clearance; and
  • File general corporate financial information.


China Corporate Financial Advisory Services


For clients that need a more experienced and qualified accountant without hiring one in-house, our corporate financial advisory services can assist. We can act like an “outsourced CFO” for your operations in China, assisting your local accounting team in providing training, support and guidance.


What We Can Do:


  • Review and verify accounts and financial statement preparation;
  • Advise on local tax compliance and planning;
  • Advise on merger and acquisition transactions;
  • Consult on internal controls and corporate governance; and
  • Provide cash payment management services.


With our corporate financial advisory services, we provide clients a flexible and cost-effective approach by providing practical and trustworthy advice regarding the financial and tax aspects of their Chinese operations.


Cross-border Investment Advisory Services


With a population of 1.3 billion, China represents a vast potential market for the West, and in view of the double tax treaties with China, Hong Kong has been a popular platform for investing into China. With the collective effort and experiences from our Hong Kong and China teams, we provide one-stop solutions for clients that wish to utilize the platform of Hong Kong to tap into Chinese market. With our knowledge and cross jurisdiction set up, we are confident to assist client with all their cross-border investment needs.


Corporate Accounting Support Services


In addition to the routine Chinese accounting and tax compliance services, we also offer tailor-made support services for foreign companies operating in China, allowing them to focus on their core business.


What We Can Do:


  • Assist in applying for various licenses and qualifications including VAT regular taxpayer status, Import and Export Rights (for trading companies) and NVOCC License application (for sea logistic companies);
  • Handle all VAT invoice issuances;
  • Assist in dealing with due diligence during acquisition;
  • Prepare various analytical reports or feasibility studies;
  • Prepare various financial reports in accordance with the client’s tailor-made format;
  • Verify services for receipts; and
  • Provide staff training in accounting and tax aspects.

China Corporate Services


The Chinese market has been expanding rapidly over the last two decades. The country now offers the greatest potential for business investment opportunities in the world. However, due to different policies and regulations in the mainland, it is sometimes not easy for overseas investors to understand how things really work or to operate efficiently in this system. Differences in culture and language have further frustrated their efforts.


Consequently, adaption and adjustment has to be made between subsidiaries in both geographical locations. Our Hong Kong and China teams have served hundreds of medium and large-sized companies for their cross-border investment needs. Unlike other corporate service providers, we handle our works in-house, keeping sub-contracting and outsourcing to a minimal. It may sound costly, but we insist since we believe this will ensure quality, which ultimately serves as a protection and our commitment to clients.


At Harris, we focus on providing indigenous corporate services for foreign investors in the mainland. We have a deep understanding of the business environment and development modes of both mainland and oversea investors. We are confident that we can offer the most competent services, take away their worry and allow our clients to focus on their core business in the mainland.


What We Can Do:


  • Consult on market entry solutions;
  • Assist in sourcing for office or retail premise;
  • Advise on corporate structure and modes of operation;
  • Assist in setting up Foreign Representative Office, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise or Sino-foreign Joint Venture;
  • Obtain licenses and registration at various government bureaus;
  • Open corporate bank accounts;
  • Provide custodial services for corporate chops and seals.

Chinese Human Resource Services


We provide a variety of human resources services for China’s Foreign Investment Enterprises (FIEs) and Foreign Representative Offices in China.


What We Can Do:


  • Provide recruitment services including job position consultation, advertisement posting, resumes screening and interviews;
  • Draft labour contracts and arrange social security and Individual Income Tax (IIT) registrations in accordance with the local labour and tax regulations;
  • Consult on other local employment compliance standards;
  • Provide staff payroll management;
  • Process work permit and visa applications;
  • Handle employees’ IIT filing and declarations; and
  • Consult on individual tax arrangements for expatriate staff.


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We are constantly seeking high-caliber individual to join our big family. At Harris, maximum profit margin and high recovery are not our top concern, rather job of clients being executed timely, correctly and nicely are our focuses. If you want to work differently, think differently – send us your resume at We are eager to meet you and explore how we can work together.


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